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About Us


A CSGO Smurf is a unique platform that offers the opportunity to buy a variety of high-ranked and user-friendly gamer accounts.

The motive of providing accounts of all ranges on our platform is to give customers what they demand, and what they deserve.

All prices are sorted by Ranks, Hours, Wins, Medals, Coins, Games, Steam Level & much more.

All the accounts are perfectly secured. Our team is up almost every hour, so if there’s a custom order which isn’t in stock, we try to fulfil it within a few hrs.


Every CSGO accounts is authorized. There is no competitive cool-down or vac bans on the account. So the VAC status of all the accounts is clean and fresh.There are no third party or hacking software used to ready up these accounts. When you purchase a CS GO smurf account high tier account. You can put the logistics aside and start playing to put your mind at ease. We ensure a quality gaming experience  what we offer  to customers and a quality gaming experience. Buy a Prime or any account from My Smurf Account.

In Counter Strike Psychology is a very misunderstood topic.But it is simply the study of our mind and our behavior. In terms of Counter-strike this is very important. Most guides and articles often focus on the physical aspects of Counter-strike.Such as aim, cross-hair placement, movement and grenade strategies.For this reason everyone buy a smurf account and practice and invent their game play using the Smurf account.   

Our Goals and Mission

My Smurf Account is selling CS GO legit accounts from 2016. Our goal and mission is to serve 10k+ customers in a season.

While these are all very important for becoming a good Counter-strike player.I would argue that Psychology is just as important.If not more important than all of these factors. I believe this simply because Psychology covers motivation, feelings, well-being, optimism/pessimism our mental strengths and weaknesses and a lot more which are entirely relevant to Counter-strike. These factors are the mental drive to your physical game.If you join a match with low motivation and a pessimistic outlook on how the match will go.You are already putting both you and your team at a disadvantage.

Our Facilities 

My smurf account, We are offering instant delivery with your chosen CS GO Account with loyalty badge. You can choose a account and in checkout page you will get the secured payment gateways  and safe payment . After that get your account details instantly. You do not need to wait after the purchase at all.